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Our Advisers

Steve Besner 4.jpg
Steve Besner MBA
Founder - President

My enriching experience with Senior’s Residences spans 25 years as Volunteer and Leasing Specialist with well respected Residence groups including Caldwell Residences, Sunrise Senior Living, Groupe Maurice, Symphony Senior Living and Reseau Selection.


I bring a unique perspective to the Senior Referral arena with extensive experience working inside Residences as Leasing Specialist in every type of Seniors Residence including Independent/Autonomous, Assisted Living and Dementia/Alzheimer care. This experience gives me valuable insight as I guide Seniors through the maze of residence options.

My teaching of Improv/Drama classes for Seniors keep me in close touch with what Seniors are feeling and thinking and provides a valued reminder of the incredible level of joie de vivre that Seniors have which is truly inspirational.

Tracey Avril2.jpg

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Seniors and their families for many years and the years I spent working for Sunrise Senior Living and Groupe Maurice helping Seniors find their perfect living solution have provided my most rewarding career experiences.

After three years away from the Seniors Industry helping Bombardier build Airplanes, I am excited to have jettisoned back into the Seniors field with "Seniors Choice" and am enjoying living out my passion by helping Montreal's Eastern Township area Seniors find the ideal Residence for their next chapter.'

Tracey Averill

Eastern Townships Representative

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