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Our Clients Comments

“I would highly recommend Steve Besner’s (Seniors Choice Montreal) services as he was extremely helpful with finding the right new home for my mother. Mom is in the beginning stages of dementia and was apprehensive in leaving the house. Steve came from the West Island to Boisbriand to meet with us and help in the process of finding the right apartment which was greatly appreciated. It was a smooth process and Mom is very happy now.”


Glen Fairon – Son of Resident at Selection Vaudreuil

Steven was great to work with. Steven represented my uncle as he was looking to transition into a residence. From our first meeting I could see how genuine Steven is. He treated my uncle and everyone around him respectfully. He was generous with his time by taking my uncle, and sometimes just me, to visit homes. Steven made us feel like helping my uncle and his well-being, as he moved into the next phase of his life, was his only priority. 


Marc Owieczka - Nephew of Resident at Le Soleil Plaza

Steve, please accept my heartfelt gratitude when I truly mean "Thank You". Two words that people often seem to forget to say in their busy lives. 

I knew from the moment I contacted you from England, after searching for help with my mothers move, that you were the one to help me and guide me through this process. 
You were genuine in your concern considering we hadn't met yet. As soon as I arrived in Montreal you had already lined up a few senior residence homes for me to visit. Your knowledge and expertise led me down a path that was clear, honest and patient. Thank you.

You took time to meet with my mother while she was still rehabilitating in the hospital. You made her laugh and listened to her.

You took time to explain how "the system"works and what steps to take to make her transition easier. 

You gave me reassurance when I thought I was failing to get everything sorted out for my mother and I was my return to England was fast approaching. Thank you

Finally, we found a suitable residence that I am confident will give her the care and assistance that she needs.

Even after I returned home your continued care and valued advice via emails/ texts regarding my mother's case, is greatly appreciated  

I have no hesitation in recommending Senior Choice Montreal and I would strongly suggest to people to contact you not only for your knowledge in residential Senior Care but also for your professionalism and patience in dealing with the whole process. 


From start to finish, you were attentive and made what is potentially the most difficult decision for us to make for our senior parents; easier, safer and logical. We all want the best for our parents.. we are at a cross roads of role reversal where WE now look out for them. 

Thank you Steve you were great!

Elizabeth Dhanoo - Daughter of Resident at Chateau Royal

When my mother fell ill recently suddenly, life was turned on its head. She and I were faced with urgent and serious choices. Were it not for the wise advice, impeccable professionalism and steady guidance from Steve Besner of Seniors Choice Montreal, I would have not known where to turn. The choice to move my mother from her own apartment to an environment where she would have more support during this difficult period was not an easy one.


Steve helped us define our objectives ,review the options and finalize our decision with ease and confidence. Fully familiar with how trying this process can be, he went way beyond the call of duty in offering emotional and moral support, and making himself available during and outside of business hours.


Steve demonstrated an ability to strike up excellent rapport with my 86-year old mother,myself, and all the administrative staff we met with, setting up meetings as needed and coordinating the discussions. He promptly provided liaison contacts with all the residences we were considering, and initiated inquiries on our behalf. He made salient facts and figures available to us promptly as we were in the process of making decisions with important emotional, practical and financial implications.


Steve outlined the variables and considerations to take into account. Until I dealt with Mr. Besner, I never understood why a Senior Living Adviser would be necessary during this process. I now recommend Steve's services to friends and acquaintances who find themselves faced with the same challenges I faced, and have received words of gratitude from all those to whom I've referred his services.


Myra Shuster    LL.L - Resident's Family member at Le Waldorf

"Steve Besner has made my mother’s choice to be at her residence simply stress free! She is so happy in her new home.

He takes the confusion out of the choices and helps you narrow it down to what suits you best.

His joyous manner is not to be confused with his knowledge, this guy has all the facts and will help you make a life changing decision with confidence.

Thank you Steve, from the bottom of our hearts."



Donna Dres and family - Resident's family member at Reseau Selection Residence

"Steven is one special guy! Steve has donated his time over the past many years to bring laughter and joy to our Seniors and his popularity among our residents is overwhelming!

Most recently Steve teamed up with myself and our staff to run an “Acting Improv Night” which was hilarious. The Residents are still raving about it.


We appreciate Steve’s contribution to our Residences and we look forward to many more years of his compassion, expertise and humour !"


Wilma Magonet – Caldwell Residences for Seniors

It would have been incredibly hard  finding the right residence for my husband without Steve Besner. His knowledge of all the various possibilities is so extensive that it only needed a couple of visits to make a decision. After two  weeks my husband is healthier and happier than he has been for a few years. Friends are commenting and his doctor is happy. Thank you Steve for helping us towards such good a great outcome. 


Jennifer Richardson - Family Member of Selection West Island Resident

Steve, Mom is doing great and has settled in nicely.  The staff at the residence are lovely and take very good care of everyone there and make sure that all of their needs are met.  I am very happy that I got in touch with you because otherwise I would have never known that there was a residence just a block away from my mom’s home and what a beautiful place.  I am truly grateful for all that you have done for my Mom.  Thank you so much.


Susan Donoghue – Daughter of Resident at Westhill Residence

Hi Steven.

The pleasure is mine.  Now a days with a population growing old we need more people like you.  I am so happy to have met you and to have you, that it is only normal that I wish to share with others in need.  I have heard of other agencies but none like you.  Which is why it's so easy to refer you.

My mom is doing well, she's in a happy place.  When she's with us she's very chatty and giddy.

Hoping you are taking advantage of this nice hot weather.

Cheers to you.

Nancy-Ann Fex - Daughter of Resident at Westhill Residence

Steve, you are a very kind and caring person.  You care about clients and are always there to lend a hand, give advice, and an ear.


You are the best!


You have lots of patience as well

Gita Kotansky

"Steve Besner was my valued partner in the Seniors Residence industry for over three years.


It was an absolute pleasure to work alongside him. He made coming to the residence something to look forward to every day. Steven is smart, professional and has a great sense of humour which makes everyone around him feel at ease.


I learned so much from Steven. He guided me through how to handle higher care residence situations when we added our Alzheimer neighborhood and he inspired me with the compassionate and knowledgeable way he interacted with Seniors and their families.


Steve is perfectly suited to help Seniors find the Residence that is ideal for them."


Wendy Cummings - Community Relations Coordinator - Le Selection West Island 

Dear Steven,

"I am settling in very comfortably at the Selection West Island after two weeks.  I appreciate your ongoing concern.


I should like to thank you for your help in finding my new accommodation.  Your willingness to drive me and my sister-in-law around to visit a variety of residences and your knowledge and expertise were invaluable.  You certainly made the whole process easier and faster.


I would strongly recommend your services to anyone looking for seniors' accommodations.


Yours sincerely,


Pat Steele" - Resident at Le Selection West Island

"I asked my son Steve to help us choose a residence to move into. He was so very helpful, holding our hands all the way.


Steve was there every step of the way, guiding and helping us until we were able to choose the most appropriate Residence for myself and my wife (Steve’s Mom).


Steve even negotiated a great price on our behalf. We have been here a couple of months and we’re so happy with the results."


Bram Besner - Resident at Place Kensington

"Steve delivers Ritz-Carlton-style service to the senior residence referral business.


He not only genuinely cared about mom's well-being but he has made himself available according to our schedule, worked promptly, provided quick response to our questions , tax forms, etc.


His vast knowledge of available residences was invaluable. Steve was also wonderful in speaking with mom to help her accept this big change in her life.


Steve was a joy to work with and continues to be even after mom has moved in."


Sonja Jane Fex  - Resident's family member at Westhill 

"Dear Steve


It has been two weeks since my mother was moved to Manoir Beaconsfield. I have to tell you it has been a seamless transition and part of it is thanks to your incredible assistance. If it weren’t for your knowledgeable experience dealing with senior placement the process would have been so much harder.


Your compassion and understanding of such a difficult move made it a lot easier to make the proper decision. After all it is more than just one person to deal with. I was part of it too! Knowing she is safe and well taken care of puts my heart at ease and it is thanks to you that all went smoothly. 

Thank you again. 

Warm regards,

Marcia Shuster "- Resident's family member at Manoir Beaconsfield

"I have known Steve for 5 years and he is one of the most sincere, honest people I know.  He is very knowledgeable and has always been helpful to me whenever I had a problem. 


He is so even tempered and I feel I can go and speak with him about anything at any time.  He always makes time for whatever I have to say.  And more importantly, he always has a way to make me feel better.


He really knows his business and it is obvious to see he enjoys it.  It’s always a pleasure to deal with him."



Judy Salhany - Resident's family member at Reseau Selection Residence

Hi Steven,


I would like to say that you went above and beyond for my mother when things were not looking so good for her at her previous residence. My sister and I were very stressed about the situation and you helped us with finding a new residence within days, which we will always appreciate and will not be forgotten.  


I would recommend you to anyone looking for a residence for their loved ones,  you care about people and in this day and age this is hard to find.  My family and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the help and support you gave us at this trying time.


Take care, be safe.


Brenda Thornton  - Resident’s Family Member at Willowdale Residence

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